From Students to Teachers: Conversations with our Future Educators

Amidst the uncertainty and the different struggles that 2022 brought to us, four of our former students persevered and completed their Diploma Courses in Education. All four of them will be pursuing careers as Secondary School Teachers. Dainess, Flora and Nasianda joined our center in 2014 while Rose joined in 2013. Before they left our center and impart their gifts to their future students, they sat down with us as they shared their experiences, thoughts, insights and wisdom.

With Sr. Mary

What do you remember when you were in PF1?
  • Dainess: I remember netball. PF1 made my mind to be open to take from my studies
  • Flora: I know nothing. I do not even know English words like morning, evening and others. Because of Sr. Maureen and the teachers, I learn to read, write and understand English.
  • Nasianda: I remember helping one another and working together. I learned counting, speaking and writing in English.
  • Rose: I remember studying with others. Cooperation is important to achieve a goal. Cooperating helps you to finish work easily and simply. Makes work easy!
Can you share what you felt when you first arrived at the center?
  • Dainess: Feeling good. Feeling special because there were a lot of applicants during selection but I was chosen.
  • Flora: Environment was different from home. Environment was supportive
  • Nasianda: I was happy. I felt accepted.
  • Rose: Happiness. Environment is attractive and green

(Note: All four shared that it was their first time to go out of their village and to be in the city. They kept on looking around since there were a lot of buildings and cars. Upon arriving at the center, there was electricity and running water. It was a new experience for them. There was fear and excitement.)

With their Pre-Secondary Teacher, Madam Mwasone
Being Emusoi students, what are the changes that you have observed on yourselves?
  • Dainess: I gained a lot of experiences from the environment. I can organize people to do their things to reach for their goals.
  • Flora: I grew and became confident. I can talk to anyone without fear
  • Nasianda: I remember I was very quiet and shy. I was small and have no confidence. I was unable to explain myself. Now, I am confident because I am educated. I can make decisions and knowing what is wrong and right.
  • Rose: I learned about making good relationships by having different friends. My knowledge and experience have expanded. I know what is good and bad.
What subjects will you be teaching in secondary school?
  • Dainess: I will teach Biology and Chemistry.
  • Flora: I will be teaching Physics and Biology.
  • Nasianda: I will be handling Chemistry and Biology.
  • Rose: I will teach Geography and English.
Do you wanted to be a teacher?
  • Dainess: In PF1, I wanted to be an accountant. In secondary school, a teacher motivated me to become a teacher. My chemistry teacher inspired me to be a teacher.
  • Flora: I wanted to be an Engineer but it changed since I got selected to go to education.
  • Nasianda: I didn’t expect to be a teacher. In Pre-Secondary, I wanted to be an accountant. I change because the government selected me to be a teacher. I have learned to like it
  • Rose: I wanted to be a doctor when I was in Pre-Secondary School. Since I find Physics and Chemistry hard, I changed my mind.
What symbol would represent you as a teacher?
  • Dainess: I choose the Fimbo (stick) because I plan to direct and organize students in learning. I stand as a leader where I will be transparent and open the minds of my learners.
  • Flora: I see myself as a Jembe (hoe) because I will nurture students and let them grow and improve.
  • Nasianda: I am a Rubber (Eraser) because I will guide students that when they make mistakes, I can help correct them. I want to teach them until they get it right. I will be patient because I want to empower them.
  • Rose: I choose a book because I will be teaching them. There will be questions and explanations, I will be there to help them learn.
Thoughts on teachers as being bridges:
  • Dainess: Teachers are bridges because they help students to learn and move from one level to the next.
  • Flora: Because of teachers, student will reach their goals.
  • Nasianda: We will guide them to reach their destinations.
  • Rose: Teachers connect the students to their goals.
What is your message to Emusoi?
  • Dainess: Thank you for the scholarship until now. It really helped me. I hope to return to my village. I will impart them what I have learned
  • Flora: Thank you for the help. I have knowledge. I hope to encourage people to take care of their children and teach the importance of education.
  • Nasianda: Thank you so much since my parents cannot support me. I have now the knowledge and experience to impact my society. I can now tolerate various challenges. I hope to help students so that they will reach their destinations.
  • Rose: Thank you Emusoi Centre for the education and support. My parents cannot help and unable to help me. Educating girls is really important
Sharing their words of wisdom to our current Emusoi Students:
  • Dainess: Don’t give up especially when you think you are unable to achieve your goals. Usikate tamaa (Don’t be discouraged!).
  • Flora: Study hard. Find materials that will help in your studies. Focus. Keep timetable. Consult your teachers. Talk to your fellows and cooperate with others. Remember where you come from: the life of your family and that will make you study hard.
  • Nasianda: Learn Vumulia (Tolerance) in facing challenges. This is important to achieve goals. Do not be jealous. Do your own business.
  • Rose: If you don’t have something, learn to work for it and struggle to achieve it even though it gets hard. Accept yourself!

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