Our Life at the Centre

For Our Pre-secondary Students

Our pre-secondary students have a scheduled activity for their different subjects (English, Math, Science, Swahili, Oral English, Art, Religion, Reading & Vocabulary, History, Geography and Civics) from Monday to Friday. Classes starts at 8:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. It is a full schedule that mimics the schedule in secondary school.

Striving for wholistic development, they also have enrichment classes that focuses on their psychosocial needs (e.g. self-awareness, different coping skills and the likes). There are group sessions and one-on-one interview with the girls conducted by our Social Workers. They also have daily, weekly and monthly charges/chores around the center.

Come every evening, the girls also have organized themselves a period of prayer which they lead.  Much of their prayer consists of singing songs in their own language and dancing and intercessions.  They pray for us all!  They also prepare and lead their own Sunday services or sometimes religious leaders come to offer the services.

For Our Secondary/Vocational/Diploma/Certificate Students

Since most of our Secondary School Students stay in schools with boarding, they come to our center during holidays. When they come, they attend different workshops and seminars that our Social Workers and Matrons prepare for them. These involve different life-skills activities (teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, Relationships and etc.). Theirs is an expanded version of our Enrichment classes that we offer to our pre-secondary students.

Aside from attending workshops, they also have sessions wherein they share their experiences, since they all go to different schools. It is during their stay at the center where they share their experiences to their younger sisters who are in pre-secondary school. They would often tutor the pre-secondary students on the different subjects. This is a time for them to give back by sharing their wisdom and knowledge to their younger sisters.