Tanzanian Educational System

All Tanzanian children are supposed to attend primary school, but not all do.  Approximately 20% of those finishing primary school get a chance to go to secondary school.  There are not enough schools to accommodate all the students.  Those scoring the highest in the exams at the end of primary school are chosen to join government schools which are considerably less expensive than private schools.  Students wanting to join private schools take entrance exams for these schools. The competition is very stiff, over 1000 girls may compete for 100 places.

  • Primary School: 7 years – Standard 1 to Standard 7
    (Equivalent to first grade to seventh grade in USA)
  • Secondary School – 4 Years – Form 1 to Form IV
  • Advanced Level Studies; 2 years of Form V and VI
    (Equivalent to Junior College in USA. Students specializes in 3 major subjects)
  • University: 3 years, leads to a Bachelor’s Degree